Back Up Your Work On the Road

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If you plan out of town trips for the specific purpose of taking photos, or if you just take a ton of them whenever you go out, then you will definitely need to have some way of backing up your work. Here are some portable storage devices that have built in memory card slots.

Simple Devices
These types of storage have very simple LCDs (usually monochrome) that only show you the status of the transfer or how much space if left. Storage size range from 40GB to 60GB. Although you don’t get much features, you save a lot on space since most of these can easily fit in the palm of your hand.

Multimedia Devices
These are the top of the line storage devices that feature full color large LCDs for reviewing your photos. Most have movie and MP3 playback capabilities and some like the Epson P-5000 can open RAW files. Usual storage size is about 60GB to 80 GB. These do not come cheap and most are almost in the price range of an entry level DSLR.

Portable CD/DVD Writers
These types are usually not preferred by professionals since you will still need to carry DVDs or CDs to back up your photos. This makes the whole thing of avoiding carrying a lot of memory cards seem redundant but having your files backed up on a DVD is still safer than just storing it in your flash card. Storage capability is of course dictated by your recording medium.Whichever portable solution you decide to buy, make sure that its battery life is long enough for your purpose and that it uses USB 2.0 so you can spend your day taking pictures instead of waiting for your photos to upload.

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