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One of the things overlooked by most photographers who are just starting out is the camera strap. This is understandable since new cameras already have one included in the box. The problem is that these cloth straps were not made to feel you comfortable but rather to turn you into a walking advertisement. Not only do they not distribute weight properly on your neck, they also feel like crap once you start sweating. Showing your loyalty and undying affection to your camera maker might be fine for most people but the primary purpose of the camera strap should be comfort. Here are some suggestions if you value your neck’s proper functioning.

Op/Tech Pro Strap

This strap is known for its excellent weight distribution. You can probably see from the picture that its biggest difference from your default strap is how wide the neck strap is. This part is made from neoprene which helps regulate temperature and it is specifically designed to put the load of your camera on your lower neck and shoulders.

Tamrac Neoprene Shock Absorber Strap

This is also made from neoprene which again helps with regulating heat, but what makes it different from the Op/Tech model is that the strap is noticeably thinner. Tamrac makes use of a stretchable neoprene material that evenly spreads your camera’s weight on your neck. It also comes with a nifty CF card pouch so you wouldn’t need to rummage for them in your pant pocket.

Lowepro Voyager C Camera Strap

This model is again made from neoprene and also has a CF card pouch. What makes this the best among the three, in my opinion, is that its neck strap is not as thick as that of Op/Tech’s. Also, the Lowepro’s anti-slip nylon webbing found under the neck part is better designed than Tamrac’s Nylong ridges.

If you still feel the need to show your allegiance to your camera maker then you can opt to get a Domke pro strap that still has the Canon name on it. I haven’t found an alternative for Nikon users though.

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