Canon Europe Recalls EOS-1D Mark III

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There have been reported problems concerning the Auto Focus function of the new Canon EOS-1D Mark III. Apparently, the camera has problems tracking moving objects while using the AI Servo continuous shooting mode under high temperatures. Canon released a statement saying that the problem was caused by a faulty AF mirror in some units. You can read the full statement here and type in case ID: 72525.

The funny thing about the recall is that Canon is not going to replace the faulty units already bought, even though they are pulling out unsold units from their retailers. The only thing they’re offering is free repairs. I don’t know about you but I would need to work about a year and not eat in order to get one of these bad boys. That is 365 days of starvation and quite possibly homelessness, and the only thing I’d have left to my name is this camera. The fact that they are unwilling to replace the faulty units is beyond unacceptable. We’re talking about Canon’s flagship model here!

If you are one of the unlucky owners of the EOS-1D Mark III with a serial number between 501001 and 546561 then rest assured you are in our prayers.

~Written by Jeff

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