How to Create a Slideshow in Photoshop

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Adobe Photoshop can be used not only to edit your photos but also to showcase your work to clients and unwitting relatives. The good thing about using Photoshop to present your work is that it displays your photos against a black backdrop and in full screen without any distracting menus.

Go under the File menu in Photoshop to open your photo. If you are opening multiple pictures then you can hold the Control key and click on all the photos you want to open. After you have selected your photos, click on Open.Your photos will now be stacked in the order in which you selected them. Hold the Shift key and click on the Full Screen Mode at the bottom of the toolbox. This will center all the open photos against a black background starting with the photo at the top of the stack.
Press the Tab key to hide the menu bar, tool box and pallets.
You should now be left with only your photo on the screen. To scroll to the next photo you selected, simply hold the Control key and press Tab.
Once you’re finished with the slide show, press the Tab key to bring back the toolbox. Then hold the Shift key and click on the Standard Screen Mode at the bottom of the toolbox to return Photoshop to its regular state.

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