How to Remove Color Casts in JPEGs

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Color casts are usually the result of selecting the wrong white balance when you take a photograph. Of course the easiest way to avoid this is to shoot in RAW so you can easily correct this during post-processing. In case, you shoot with a point-and-shoot that can’t shoot in RAW, or if you just don’t shoot in RAW, here’s a way to remove color casts in JPEG files.

First, open your photograph in Photoshop. In the example below, you can see it has a yellow-orange tinge since the camera’s white balance setting was left on flash when it should have been set to cloudy.Then go to Image on the menu bar and under Adjustments, select Match Color. (You may click on the photos below to enlarge.)

Click on the box beside NEUTRALIZE to remove the color cast. This tool, however, can be so powerful that it can leave your photo looking bland. You can adjust the Fade slider which controls how much of the color cast is removed and you can also adjust the Color Intensity slider which controls the photo’s color saturation.

Here are the before and after photos.

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