How to Straighten Crooked Photos

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One of the most common errors that can happen when you handhold your shots is that you can get a crooked photo. In the example below you can see that the photo is tilting to the right. Here is the easiest way to correct this type of problem.
Open your photo in Photoshop. Click and hold the icon that shows an eyedropper and from the sub menu select the Measure tool.
Now you need to find an element in your photo that is supposed to be straight, like the table in the example. Click and drag the Measure tool along this edge from left to right. In the example, I dragged the Measure tool from point A to point B.
Go to the Image menu and under Rotate Canvas, choose Arbitrary. A window will come up and from there you will see that Photoshop has already calculated the exact angle of rotation needed to straighten your photo. Just click on OK.

Once your photo is straightened, you will need to crop it properly to remove the excess canvass that was revealed from the rotation.
Here is the corrected photo.

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