How to Take Care of Your Memory Cards

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A lot of times, we forget how important our memory cards are and how much care they require. Here are some tips to remember when handling your digital film so you can avoid losing valuable data or getting error messages while you’re on a shoot.

• Always reformat you card right after you upload your photos to your PC.

• Make sure your camera is off when you take out your card.

• Never pull out your memory card while your camera is still reading or writing to it.

• Never use up all the space on a memory card. Using up all the space can corrupt your entire card. Most DSLRs show how many shots are remaining on the LCD. Leave around 3 shots available.

• Never share one memory card between two different cameras without reformatting it first.

• Make sure that you have enough battery power when uploading your pictures. You can lose all the photos in your card if your battery dies while your card is reading or writing.

• Keep your cards away from strong magnetic objects like your PC monitor.

• Use a memory card wallet when going on shoots instead of keeping your cards in your pocket. Heat and moisture can permanently damage them. A quick tip on this, when you’re using a card wallet and you need to change cards, just put in the used card with the label side down so you know that it’s already been used.

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