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We often scour the internet for inspiration of the non-gear kind. We have to balance it somehow. These are the photoblogs we find ourselves going back to again and again:

3191 is run by Stephanie and Mav. They live 3191 miles apart. This photoblog documents their mornings.

BFK Photography: Visions of Southern Indiana is run by Bernie Kasper.
“From the canyons and waterfalls of Clifty Park to the wetlands of the Muscatatuck NWR the area is rich in photographic opportunities, hopefully I will be able to convey the beauty of the area and share any info as well about this place I call home.”

Blue Yonder is run by “a flighty, often forgetful, well-meaning Mom who is trying to help her kids find their way, and in the meantime trying to find her own”.

Cliff Mautner Photography is the photoblog of, well, Cliff Mautner. He’s a professional portrait and wedding photographer.

Jesh de Rox Experiential Photography is, by far, our favorite. He’s a brilliant young wedding photographer, who makes beautiful, passionate images with the use of textures.

Simply Photo is run by Jen from Brooklyn, New York. Her photography has a very distinct vintage feel to it. Quite breathtaking. See images to the right.

Six One way: “With six young men between them and a combined six images each week, two women capture a year of motherhood in photographs.”

We will be posting photoblogs links weekly. If you know of any good photoblogs, do share.

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