The Ultimate Field Guide to Photography

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When I started getting serious about photography, I remember wasting so much money on photography books. I’d go to bookstores and get completely carried away. There’s a wealth of information online that plenty of us make good use of nowadays – which I will blog about tomorrow because I have the motherload of all photography links – but sometimes, nothing beats the printed page.

National Geographic is synonymous with great photography. The Ultimate Field Guide to Photography is excellent for beginners, but know that while it touches on most topics, it doesn’t necessarily go in-depth. If you already have a good grasp of the basics, you may find yourself disappointed (or sorely disappointed, depending on how advanced you are), but if you ask me, the photographs alone are worth it. They’re spectacular. A good number of National Geographic photographers also provide the stories behind their images, and how these were taken.

Chapters: buying your digital camera, point and shoot, basic rules, advanced techniques, a camera phone travelogue, the digital darkroom, making better prints, film photography, scanning, archiving, projects.

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