Weekly Linkies: Photography Must-Reads, Part II

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Learn to Tag and Keyword Photos
This will save you a whole lot of trouble in the long run, believe me. If I had started out properly with the tagging and keywording, I wouldn’t have to attempt to do it to thousands of photos all at the same time now. Sigh.

The Most Expensive Photographs Ever Sold
Interesting read. Includes the first photograph to sell for more than $3 million.

Photoshop Tip: Non-Destructive Cloning
From the page: “Cloning is destructive in nature, meaning that it changes pixels. When you change the pixels, you can’t get the original ones back. Destructive editing is worth avoiding because it takes away your ability to change your mind or adjust the edit at a later date.”

Why are my photos of moving objects blurry?
A great read for beginners.

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