Shoot from the Hip

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If you’ve been taking pictures for a long time then you’ve probably experienced burnout – you keep taking pictures of the same things and framing it the same way and basically feel like your creative tank is running on fumes. When this sort of thing happens, I’ve found the best way to see things differently is shooting from the hip. Just press the shutter without looking through the viewfinder or the LCD.

Leave the camera at aperture mode with the widest aperture selected. Make sure that the audible tone of the auto-focus feature is turned on so you know once the camera has focused properly. Then just walk around and point your camera in the general direction of an interesting subject and shoot away. You’ll be surprised at how many good photographs you’ll produce.

One of our favorites on Flickr is davydubbit who started a whole series on shooting from the hip. He started experimenting when he got interested in Lomo cameras. He used this technique to find alternative ways of framing his shots.


Give it a go and share your work with us if you like. Have fun!

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