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Ever got the blue screen of death?

CC Photo by Justin Marty

Yeah, just looking at the picture hurts. Here’s a pretty basic yet nevertheless friendly and hopefully timely reminder from Beyond Megapixels: Back up.

This is what we do after every shoot:

1. We upload our photos to our separate workstations.
2. We burn all the raw files to DVDs before we even look at the photos on Adobe Bridge.
3. The DVDs are then properly labeled and stored away.
4. We make another copy of the folder containing the raw files in our hard drive.
5. We batch rename the files on Adobe Bridge inside the new folder.
6. We edit.
7. We then burn two copies of the edited files to another set of DVDs. One is for storage and the other is for submitting to the client.
8. We make sure that we finish all the steps above before we even think of reformatting the CF cards.

Of course, this is just our way of doing things. The point is just to ensure that your files are safe. You will eventually find a routine that works for you.

CC Photo by aussiegall

The process we go through is pretty basic considering what most pro photographers do. The rule of thumb to follow when it comes to backing up your photos is that you should have two copies that are not located in the same storage device. Invest in a good external hard drive or zip drive.

Lisa is suggesting that we burn an extra set of DVDs of our RAW files. The extra set will be kept in her aunt’s home which is about 10 kilometers from where we are. Think this is excessive? Her first choice was to ship it all the way to the other side of the country where her father lives.

Then again, as they say, it’s not paranoia if they’re out to get you. There was a fire about 150 meters away from our place this morning. It was bad enough that we were already planning on dismantling my hard drive and packing other essentials. You never really know what’s going to happen next, so best be prepared for anything.

Now that I mention it, I should really be backing up right about now.

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