Quick Photoshop Fix for Exposure Problems

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The chances of getting under and over exposed photos are pretty high when you’re using your camera’s built-in metering system (which is why you need to learn how to shoot manual).

Like we said before, it’s because your camera will meter the scene or subject into middle shade of gray. This in turn will make white objects a little dark and black objects a little light. Below are some ways for you to correct your photo’s exposure if you no longer have the ability to reshoot. This article assumes that you were shooting in JPG since correcting exposure problems in RAW are pretty straightforward.

Most people do not know that you can open JPG images using Adobe Camera Raw. All you need to do is to browse for your photo using Adobe Bridge. Once you’ve found the thumbnail of the photo you’re going to be working on, just right click on it and select Open in Camera Raw.

Once in Camera Raw, you can use the Exposure Slider to fix the photo.

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