The Crumpler 7 Million Dollar Home Review

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We needed a new camera bag so the whole camera bouncing off the asphalt would never happen again. Like we mentioned in that post, I was leaning more towards the Lowepro Slingshot 200 AW. The comments were very enthusiastic reviews about it. We saw it and really liked it, but decided it’s a bit on the unwieldy side for event photography.

We decided to look at Crumplers like Lisa wanted. We got one (The Considerable Embarrassment) for our Macbook before and we’re very happy with it. After looking at different models we ended up with the 7 Million Dollar HomeCrumpler 7 Million Dollar Home. We were supposed to get the 6 Million Dollar Home since it fit our budget better, but it was a bit too snug for our gear. In keeping with the whole I’m a photographer (or dance instructor) so I can wear all black thing, we got a black one.

The outside is made out off 900D water resistant shell and 300D ripstop lining. I’ve no idea what that means but it feels tough. The front flap is secured with a snap lock and what could possibly be the world’s toughest velcro which ensures that it will not accidentally open. You don’t have to worry about people stealing from you either, not just because it doesn’t look like a camera bag, but because you’ll hear them before they even see what’s inside it.

Once you open it, you’ll see it has an inner front pocket with an internal mesh pocket to store small things like filters, batteries and CF cards.

The reverse side of the main flap also has a large mesh pocket that is secured by a zipper. You can use this space to store wires in.

The main compartment is lined with padded and brushed Nylon that really looks and feels like it can protect your gear from scratches and minor impact. All the dividers in the main compartment are secured by velcro so you can re-arrange everything to fit what you need to bring. In its basic arrangement, you can carry a DSLR with four lenses. In the photo below, it contains Lisa’s 40D with the lens attached, three spare lenses and a flash unit.

We were able to re-arrange the dividers in such a way that it can carry both our camera and two extra lenses. It’s also deep enough to hold a Canon 70-200mm F/2.8L IS USM so you know it’s really roomy. Both sides have a place to attach 2 external lens cases if the space inside is not enough.

Our one small complaint is the padding for the shoulder strap. The Considerable Embarrassment’s strap has a thicker cushion. I find this strange since our Macbook weighs about 4.8lbs while a Canon 70-200mm F/2.8L IS USM is already at 3.2lbs all on its own. Below is a photo of our laptop strap and the 7 Million Dollar Home strap.

But that’s just nitpicking on my part as it works great for us. I like that it looks like a regular bag and doesn’t attract unnecessary attention. It doesn’t scream Look at all my expensive gear, please come steal them. Lisa loves that it’s a messenger bag because it’s more convenient to fish things out from.

The Million Dollar Homes come in different sizes, so you should be able to get one that’s just right. For those with more gear, you’ll be right at home with the The Brazillion Dollar Home. We would’ve gotten that, but that one’s way over our budget.

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