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Hi, folks. This is Lisa again with our not-so-weekly weekly linkies. This week we’ve got contests galore on our usual haunts that you might want to join. The prizes are pretty cool. But before we get to that, I’d just like to share that we recently got featured on my.yahoo.com.

To the new susbcribers, hello! Welcome to Beyond Megapixels. We hope you enjoy your stay. If there’s anything we can help you with, just holler. Or leave a comment. Either works.

With that out of the way, here are the things around the web you should be reading this week:

PHOTO PROJECT: The $50 Film Camera
Epic Edits Weblog
Brian Auer has an awesome photo project. The project is fun enough as it is, but he’s also managed to score some amazing sponsors. There’s $300 worth of prizes to be divided between just three contest winners, so get to it!

Portrait Professional 8 Giveaway
Udi is giving away 3 copies of Portrait Professional 8 as prizes for another photo contest. Such good, free love going around the Internets these days.

Where to Rent a Lens Online
Digital Photography School
Peter Carey guest posts on DPS and shares with you where to rent lenses online. For those contemplating a lens purchase and still unsure, you can rent one and test it out for a week and see if you want to commit to it. Or if you’re in need of a really expensive lens for a shoot that you can’t shell out for just yet, well, here you go.

Print something. Print it BIG.
It’s true. Us digital photographers don’t print that often. And we print big less often. After I read this, I had some of my photos printed at 10×15 and felt the “magic” again. You’re robbing yourself if you don’t print your pictures this big. Next week, I’m going to print one at 20×24 for the living room.

Finding Your Photographic Niche
Pro Photo Life
Part 1 of an interesting series for pros and aspiring pros about finding your niche or specialty.

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