Lessons in Photography and Life from The Duck

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Every now and then, we like going through the What The Duck archives. They’re so amazingly spot on and we often find ourselves laughing out loud. Here are four lessons from The Duck:

1. You’ll have a hard time finding something that insults a photographer more than being told, Those are nice pictures! That must be a really great camera.

2. Thinking of going pro? Know what you’re getting into.

3. Expect haters. There are haters everywhere, but there are bigger egos in photography so the hate is occasionally multiplied tenfold. Just do your thing, let your work speak for itself, and hopefully the haters will move on to the next target soon enough.

We have a photographer friend who likes saying there are only two kinds of photographers that get hated on: the really good, and the downright awful.

4. There are excellent photojournalists like Alex Majoli that choose to shoot with point-and-shoot cameras. Sometimes less is more. Say it with me, “It’s not about the gear. It’s not about the gear. It’s not about the gear.”

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