Weekly Linkies, 09/01/08

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Put Your Picture on the Cover of a Lonely Planet Travel Guide
Competition ends on September 8 so you best get moving if you want to join.

Here’s What I Think of Your Pictures
A Photo Editor
Rob tells you what he thinks of your pictures: “I want to see something real. I want to see something I haven’t seen a hundred times before. I want to look at pictures that make me feel something.”

3 Reasons Why I Refuse to Use Lightroom
Epic Edits Weblog
Brian shares his reasons for not using Lightroom. The post’s comments section is a pretty interesting read, too.

Slow Shutter Shoot-Out: 3 Slow Shutter Speed Techniques
Digital Photography School
Guest blogger Charles Clawson gives three creative ways you can use slow shutter speed in your photography.

Lighting Ori’s One Year Old Birthday
Udi shares how he took pictures of his son’s birthday celebration. (Happy birthday, Ori!)

Nikon D90 Daily Diary and Canon 50D Daily Diary
1001 Noisy Cameras
If you want to follow the news, reviews, and camera porn on these two latest releases, 1001 Noisy Cameras provides daily diaries of these models. You can check back in for regular updates.

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