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The last giveaway is now closed. Thousands of subscribers and only eight entries. Dude. On the bright side, we appreciate the entries even more because there were so few of them. Thanks to everyone who joined! As for the rest, we’d love to hear your suggestions so we can offer better things next time around. Shoot us an e-mail at info at beyondmegapixels dot com. Also, if you’d like to sponsor a kickass giveaway for the rest of our readers, we’d be more than happy to accommodate you.

The ever-reliable Random.org gave us our winning entry and it’s #3, Anna of Hank and Willie. Congratulations, Anna!

Moving along, here are some good reads around the blogosphere for the weekend:

110 Great Resources for Photographers
Words: Irrational
A great compilation of online resources for photographers.

Photo Backup: It’ll Cost You
Epic Edits Weblog
Brian discusses the importance and costs of keeping your digital photos safe. It’s costly, keeping a proper backup routine, but completely necessary.

We can relate with the title as we’re still smarting from our recent purchase (Western Digital My Book Essential Edition 1 TB External Hard Drive). That and our 4-month old MacBook is now running out of hard disk space.

The DIY R-Strap
Udi gives a rundown of the different ways you can use your camera strap. He also provides illustrated instructions on how you can make your own R-Strap.

Where Has All The Business Gone – Part 2
Digital ProTalk
This article gives some interesting points on why it’s getting harder and harder to earn with photography these days. Be sure to read the first part of the article too!

Pola-Magic: Polarizing Filters Make Magic Moments
Beyond PhotoTips
Susheel discusses what polarizing filters are and how to use them.

Not familiar with filters? Read our Filters 101 articles (Part 1 and Part 2).

That’s it for this week. Enjoy the weekend, everyone!

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