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December 1 UPDATE: Nikon D3x is officially announced. Found out about it on Photography Bay. See the D3x micro site. Price is $8,000. This definitely takes the WTF of the week.

Official Nikon D3x specs are out! See Nikon Rumors. We’re very surprised by the 6400 maximum ISO, I have to say.

Sometime yesterday, the people over at found the photo below over at the Nikon USA website.

According to the writers, the image was taken down approximately 45 minutes after the blog post went up. During the small amount of time the images were up, it spread like wildfire in numerous forums especially in DPReview which you can find here.

So here’s what everyone is thinking:

1. Nikon purposely leaked the image to generate interest especially since this is the week the Canon 5D Mark II ships out. Oooh.

2. The image of the D3x that was posted was a retouched photo of the original press photo of the D3 with the logo just replaced.

3. The mystery lens on the D3x photo is a Nikkor 24-70 F/2.8.

4. The product number of the D3x is 25442.

5. The rumor is looking very solid since the original link of the images will give you a message that the images have been removed and not a non-existing page error.

Of course, what everyone wants to know is when the actual announcement is going to be and what the specs are? Will Nikon finally break the 20+ megapixel barrier or will the D3x retain the same sensor as the D3 with the additional features of the D900? What do you guys think?

The world of photography is certainly exciting this week. Happy Thanksgiving!

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