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Catchlights 101

I used to take good pictures on accident.  Every once in a while I would really look at a portrait I had taken and think “something about this just makes it look really special”.  Upon learning what a Catchlight is I realized that a lot of the portraits I loved had Catchlights.   What is […]

Inspiration Board Tuesday: Jessica Claire

Jessica Claire is a photographer I look to frequently for inspiration and I found her in a completely random way.  I was searching Kate Spade Shoes and ended up on this page, check out the second picture.  Not only are those shoes fantastic the picture was really great.  Who thinks to take a picture of […]

Spatial Relationships and Distortion

We all know that the main difference between a wide angle lens and a telephoto lens is the angle of view. Compared to a wide angle lens, telephoto lenses have a much smaller or tighter field of view which means that it can only capture a small part of a scene. Another difference between the […]

Photographers in the News: The subject is Farmers

Reading the news and watching the news are two entirely different experiences to me.  I don’t watch the news, it’s a bummer most of the time and the editorial spin on everything just makes me check to see if the sky really is falling out there.  But I love to read the news and I […]

Resolution Ready – Organizing your Digital Photos

In another few days we’ll be in 2009 and one of my resolutions is to do a better job of organizing my digital photos.  As it stands I’ve been inconsistent and it’s time to nip this right in the bud.  I’ve been using Flickr for over a year for my personal photos and I use […]

Tradition and the Holiday Photo

Every year my entire life there is a picture of my brother and I in front of the Christmas Tree.  The photos showcase sheer excitement, red eyes, bad bangs, ‘I’m too old for this’ attitude and then sheer excitement again.  I give you a few tips:  Get down.  I read this tip in the book […]

Post Card Winners

Hi Everyone The winners for the postcards are “Chris Mcelwee” and “Anna”. The winner for the canvas print is “Dana Stone”. These are really great winners and I hope that each of you will post your postcards and canvas prints to our website for all to see. For those who didn’t win don’t worry we […]

Inspiration Board Tuesday: Maine Momma

I was browsing through Flickr on Monday for some holiday inspiration and I ran across a photo from maine momma.  She did this photo she entitled ‘lighting up my life‘ and I really loved the composition of each of the photographs.  What I loved more was the grouping of these like photos into a single compilation. […]

Photographers in the News: Photo Booth

I have a fascination with the Photo Booth.  I have a whole collection of Photo Booth art and even though I believe in ‘living simply’ if I had a monstrously large house with a gigantic entryway I would totally buy this authentic boardwalk photo booth for the bargain price of $11,000.   I do not however have […]

Post Card – Competition – Closed

The guys over at Uprinting have decided to run a small competition especially for BeyondMegapixels. How to Enter: Leave a comment at the end of this blog post, describing what you would use the free postcards and canvas print for. Prize: 250 Postcards for 2 Lucky Readers and 1 free 18×24 canvas print for one […]