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Above my desk you will find my Inspiration Board – as I see photos in magazines that inspire me I rip them out and post them on the board.  I spend a few relaxing minutes a day really looking at the photos that instantly grab me to figure out just what it is about the photo that speaks to me.  Is it the composition, is it the subject, is it the lighting, the special effect, the warm sunny beach?  Living in NY has me dreaming of warm sunny beaches frequently. 

I was recently introduced to an online Inspiration Board tool in the form of vi.sualize.  I’ve really enjoyed this site and how I can tag the photos that inspire me – as you’re developing an eye for great photographs I highly recommend starting an Inspiration Board.

I’d really love to invest time on Tuesday’s to find some good inspiration.  Each week I’ll be featuring a photo, site or photogrpaher that’s on my Inspiration Board.  If you’d like to be considered for inspiration leave a comment, if you’d like to share what’s inspiring you I’d love to see that too and if you find this photo inspiring I’d love to hear why it’s appealing to you.

So today I recommend you go and check out the photos at and THIS photo in particular – it’s just got this something magical about it.

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