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Rating Posts

I have just recently introduced functionality that will allow people to rate articles that are published on the site. You can see 5 stars underneath each post. I can’t stress to you how important it is that you rate our articles so that we can provide more meaningful content for everyone. I am very committed to […]

Pet photo contest at Anamigo

Hi Everyone I was recently contacted by the guys over at Anamigo who have a Pet photo contest happening. This contest seems like a lot of fun, Anamigo has daily prizes of 25USD and weekly prizes of 125USD. If you are interested and would like to know more you can have a look here. Note: Nothing […]

Photography: The art of healing?

It’s Friday – hooray, right?  What a week.  The week leading up to a holiday is always a tough one.  On tough weeks I find it so easy to complain.  I complain rather then doing most anything else.  I was going to complain today.  I was.  And I wasn’t going to feel guilty about it. […]

Photo Ohhhhhh Christmas Tree

It’s Holiday time and a shot that is on a lot of peoples minds is the Christmas Tree shot.  Last night we went out to dinner and a lovely women offered to take my picture with Lexi (my daughter) staring at the Christmas Tree.  It was very generous of her to offer to do so […]


I love capturing reflections in photography.  I love seeing the subject in the flesh and a slightly distorted version of self in a shallow pool of water.  I’m on vacation in Florida and while I was out for a long walk I noticed these little sand piper birds admiring their own reflections.  They found themselves stunning and […]

Trying to work out how twitter…

Trying to work out how twitter works! Tweet

Site Update: Comments/RSS Now Working

Hi Everyone Sorry to all those who are trying to comment and read through the RSS feeds. We have now fixed everything so feel free to comment and read away!!! Thanks Vernon Tweet

Inspiration Board Tuesday:

Above my desk you will find my Inspiration Board – as I see photos in magazines that inspire me I rip them out and post them on the board.  I spend a few relaxing minutes a day really looking at the photos that instantly grab me to figure out just what it is about the […]

Photographers in the News: A trip to Vail

Photographers are interesting.  Anyone that holds a camera up to their eye has something to say and I want to hear it.  If it’s a point and shoot, an SLR, a digital SLR or a polaroid…I’m just really curious about what it is they’re seeing.  I’m always intrigued by interviews with photographers, how they respond, […]

Catalog Printing Online – Review

I came across in my search for a one-stop shop for online printing. I was beginning to get overwhelmed with all of the options, and I was feeling very uncertain about pricing and quality. Once I came across, though, I felt much more at ease about this venture! makes online printing fun […]