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It’s Holiday time and a shot that is on a lot of peoples minds is the Christmas Tree shot.  Last night we went out to dinner and a lovely women offered to take my picture with Lexi (my daughter) staring at the Christmas Tree.  It was very generous of her to offer to do so and I took her up on her offer immediately as pictures with my daughter are a little sparse given my love of taking her photo.  

The result was a completely blown photo:
CassJustCurious 2008-12-18

I really loved the story of the shot so I did do some editing with my current photo editing drug of choice Aperture  and made it a monochrome highlight blue and I like the result. See below my edited version:
CassJustCurious 2008-12-18

But it really got me thinking about how to get a properly exposed photograph with some holiday lights. Tonight as we venture out into the world I’m going to be setting my camera to Aperture Priority mode and setting my f5.6 and hoping for the best…changing white balance, tweaking ISO…we’ll see how it goes.  Do you have any tips for me?

One tip I can give to you is that if you’re shooting lights outside hit them around dusk – it’s the perfect amount of light to get a great photo.

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