Photographers in the News: A trip to Vail

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Photographers are interesting.  Anyone that holds a camera up to their eye has something to say and I want to hear it.  If it’s a point and shoot, an SLR, a digital SLR or a polaroid…I’m just really curious about what it is they’re seeing.  I’m always intrigued by interviews with photographers, how they respond, what they think of their art, why they pick up the camera.  I love those types of questions and I love the range of answers you get.  

I’m Cass, by the way, I’m new here.  I was flattered to be given an opportunity to share my journey with photography with you and I hope you share your journey with me too.  Because I’m a creature of habit and structure I’m going to be featuring some bit of news, interview, noteworthy tidbit that I’ve read over the past week about Photographers in the News on Monday’s.

This week I take you to Vail.  I stumbled upon this interview with a photographer named Lee Carver.  Lee works with MuralScapes – have you seen these before?  They’re really something.  I love the idea of capturing a single location in many images at the same focal length and then piecing them together.  I am traveling this week with my family to a sunny destination and I’m going to try to put together one of these MuralScapes – it’s my photo challenge of the week.   

I can’t help but share who I am when I write and I hope that you share who you are in comments – I also think you have to ask for what you want.  So I will do just that:

Would you comment on this post – would you share it with a friend or two?  Are you interested in participating in a photo challenge?  Do you want to see the results of my effort?  And finally what does photography mean to you?

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