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I have a fascination with the Photo Booth.  I have a whole collection of Photo Booth art and even though I believe in ‘living simply’ if I had a monstrously large house with a gigantic entryway I would totally buy this authentic boardwalk photo booth for the bargain price of $11,000.  

I do not however have a monstrously huge house or a large entryway but I do love the idea of getting people’s pictures alla photo booth style as they enter my home over the Holiday season (and in other peoples homes too – Mom, watch out, I’m bringing this to your house too).  

So here’s what I’ve done.  I have my little Nikon point and shoot on a tripod.  I have set it to continuous shoot for 4 frames.  I have the timer set up so that upon clicking the “go” button (that’s a highly sophisticated term I picked up from my three year old niece) the 4 frames will be captured after an 8 second pause.  I set the pictures to black and white.  I have a bench for people to squeeze into and some pashmina scarves in a variety of colors, a boa and some hats.  People sit on the bench, grab the prop of choice, click the go button and abra-cadabra photo booth art in the making.  Then on new years day when I have nothing to do and the holiday movie extravaganza has passed I will get them all together and print them out and mail them on out to cheers in the new year.  

Will you set up a Faux Photo Booth in your house?  I’d love to hear about it!  I think these will be the perfect shots for my scrapbook to set up the holiday scene.

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