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Reading the news and watching the news are two entirely different experiences to me.  I don’t watch the news, it’s a bummer most of the time and the editorial spin on everything just makes me check to see if the sky really is falling out there.  But I love to read the news and I love to share little bits of news that I read.  Like this article here.

American farmers inspired photographer Paul Mobley‘s book: American Farmer: the Heart of Our Country.

You have to read this bit from the interview/article:

Another Iowa farmer, Brooke Turner of near Clarinda, is pictured in front of a barn with his old dog.

“I found that great old barn door and I had to shoot it,” Mobley said. “That damn dog wouldn’t stay out of the picture. So we just said let’s shoot it.”

Turner’s dog typified his experience across the country – with no plans, no heavy production – just a man and his camera trying to peek into the soul of America. 

That is what it’s all about.  It’s about the experience, catching a glimpse at the essence, peeking into the soul.  I just have goosebumps.  Mr. Mobley’s work is incredible and the book is exquisite and if you haven’t clicked on his name above to check out his site then you should it’s beautiful.  

When I look at amazing pieces of art by other photographers I always add something to my moleskin notebook of ideas, inspiration and musings.  After browsing through these photographs I wrote “look away” because the photos I loved most of his had the subjects focus somewhere very far away from the lens of a camera.  

What do you think?  Do you have a notebook of ideas, inspirations and musings?  Do you dream of having your own book?  Or are you dreaming you could find your SD card under all this leftover wrapping paper?

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