Photography: The art of healing?

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It’s Friday – hooray, right?  What a week.  The week leading up to a holiday is always a tough one.  On tough weeks I find it so easy to complain.  I complain rather then doing most anything else.  I was going to complain today.  I was.  And I wasn’t going to feel guilty about it.  Until I read this.  Seriously, go read this.  It will pop up in a new window and then you can come on back to me here.

Are you sobbing?  I’m totally weeping.  I made my husband weep by reading this. Puts my complaining into perspective.  I thought about how this man so generously sends pictures of the other kids to their parents.  What a gift he is giving them.  Do you do this?  I’m too shy (which will shock the people that read this that actually “know” me) or maybe I’m just not confident enough in my photography.  But this is going on my list of goals in 2009 – I want to be proud and brave enough about my pictures that I share them with people that might just love them.

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