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I love capturing reflections in photography.  I love seeing the subject in the flesh and a slightly distorted version of self in a shallow pool of water.  I’m on vacation in Florida and while I was out for a long walk I noticed these little sand piper birds admiring their own reflections.  They found themselves stunning and I admired that about them so much.  I mean really, check them out:
Birds Reflections

There are nine birds in this shot – 3 originals, 3 reflections and 3 shadows.  I found the reflection was easiest to capture when I shot with my back to the light source.  Tomorrow I plan on bringing my telephoto lens to the beach to get an extreme close-up of these creatures.  

I should mention that I took more then 30 photos of these subjects (thank goodness for digital) and realized upon further inspection the importance of shooting the entire subject and the entire subjects reflection and shadow – even if it is just a reflection (or a shadow) a headless bird is kind of creepy.  

This is the SOOC (Straight Out of the Camera) shot.  Because I’m all about living more honestly and encouraging others to do the same I ask for your feedback – what do you think could make this shot stronger?  Some waves?  Different composition altogether? A horizon line? A crop job? Give it to me straight and I’ll do the same for you should you offer me the opportunity.

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