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In another few days we’ll be in 2009 and one of my resolutions is to do a better job of organizing my digital photos.  As it stands I’ve been inconsistent and it’s time to nip this right in the bud.  I’ve been using Flickr for over a year for my personal photos and I use my mac mobile me account for publishing digital proofs for clients that I’ve shot.  Most of these online photo tools work off of the same database elements:  

You have a Set, Project or Collection in which you organize your photos into.  Then you have a title for your photo, the photo itself, a description and then you can tag the photo with keywords.  

When I’m doing a photo shoot I stick with the auto generated title from Aperture so that each photo is named uniquely with my copyright, the date and then the number of the photo from the shoot.  

But personally I’ve been using the Title in different ways – sometimes it’s the auto generated file name that Aperture provides the photo on import – sometimes it’s about the physical location and the people in the photo and then other times it’s a caption.  After checking around to see what others do I think I’m going to keep the Title of the photo the auto generated from Aperture.  Put my caption in the photo description and then add the physical location and the people in the photo as tags for easy searching.  

What do you do?  Will you be taking on any organizational projects in 2009 for your photos?  And do you put a stake in the ground and say I’ll do this going forward – or do you go back and “fix” everything?

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