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There is always that person on your present buying list that has everything. So you have to go hunting everywhere for that unique gift that you are sure they don’t have yet. Well the Bottle Cap Tripod is surely a unique gift to buy for that person that has everything. This tripod can be very useful for that person that likes to take pictures but doesn’t want to haul a large tripod around with them all the time.

The Bottle Cap Tripod will mount to any standard water or pop bottle. This will allow you to take pictures from anywhere with the benefit of using a tripod. The cap features a rubber socket that stretches to fit snuggly over the cap of your bottle. The camera screws onto the standard issue tripod screw. This tripod is small and can be tucked away in your pocket when you are not using it, allowing you to have a tripod anytime you need one. Because the tripod is so small, it is lightweight so it can easily be stored in pockets without weighing you down. The tripod has a 15 degree pivot in any direction. The pivot makes this tripod great for use on taking self-portraits, group photos when using a timer and for taking pictures that require a steady hand.

This will definitely be a gift that will not be forgotten. It can make the perfect addition to the collection of that person that has everything. The Bottle Cap Tripod can be found online here.

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