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When I first purchased my Digital SLR I bought the Nikon Digital & Film SLR System Case Gadget Bag for D300, D200, D100, D80, D70s, D70, D50, D40x, D40, N55, N65, N75, N80, N90s & F100 because it fit everything that I purchased: The Camera Body, the two lenses, the extra battery, cleaning kit and SD Cards. While this is an excellent bag and it was reasonably priced it wasn’t going to accommodate my ever expanding amount of photography gear. I had checked out a lot of bag reviews online and finally settled on this bag Jill-e Medium Weatherproof Deep Brick Red Leather Camera Bag with accented Weave Pattern Trim Exterior.  Mine happened to be cream with black trim and not red.  I wish I could have rented the bag first because while it’s an awesome bag with great compartments and plenty of room it’s heavy.  

I realized just how heavy as I was carrying it on the plane and it was in that moment that I wish I had wheels.  Like this Tenba 632-333 Shootout Large Backpack with Wheels (Black).  It looks like a great bag so I may be taking the super cute Jill-e bag to ebay where I can trade into the Tenba.  Someone that isn’t traveling with their bag frequently and is looking for something that is more feminine would find a lot to love in the Jill-e bag.  

The next thing I’m thinking about is a Shootsac.  Have you seen these?  I think this would be so handy as I’m really extending my lens options.  Which bag are you using?

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