Continuous Shoot Advantages

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Do you shoot in Continuous Shoot mode?  It’s a setting on your digital camera that I highly recommend you check out.  I usually shoot in this mode so I get at least one good photo from a moment that can not be recreated.  When I was starting out that’s precisely what I’d get – one good photo.  And I was really happy with that one good photo.  But now that I’ve been working on my photography skills and experimenting with depth of field and white balance and exposure I’m finding that I have more then one good photo.  Today’s post is about what to do when you have more then one good photo from a moment.  

A couple of weeks ago I was talking about compilations and montages and grouping of photos.  Since that post I’ve been really looking at photo opportunities for displaying my photos in a montage/collage.  My very favorite subject was kind enough to sit for a photo shoot this past weekend and there were five shots within a 90 second span that really capture Lexi.  First thing I did was open up my Adobe Photoshop Elements and grab the five raw files that I liked.  I opened up a new document sized 8×10 as that’s what I want my finished product to be and I played for an hour.  I experimented with the images overlapping like so:

And I decided that it was too busy for a print but probably a great page for Lexi’s scrapbook.  So then I tried them each in a slice and I edited myself to my favorite three:
I missed the other two shots that I took so I tried to feature one and then have four supporting photos. And then I got here the version that I’ll be sending off to the printer in the morning:  

So I have some questions for you:  Do you shoot in Continous mode?  Do you group photos of a moment together?  Are you scrapbooking?

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