How to Review Photo Equipment

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One of my biggest irritations (and I know that many of you feel the same way) is when you share some of your photographs and people say “You must have a great camera” and while a great camera helps it’s not a magic wand.

Having said that good equipment doesn’t hurt. What makes a good equipment review to you? That’s the question of the day for me. In the coming weeks I’ll be reviewing several camera bodies as I’m contemplating an expansion in my photography equipment. I want to take the review beyond a Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down and straight compare of the features and I want to create a system so that I can be really mindful about my choices. Here’s what I have on my list of points of a Review.

1. Within five minutes of taking the camera out of the box have I taken a picture?
2. Camera weight and the scale of sturdiness
3. Camera setting options – what does the camera have as far as features
4. Test shots with my 18-135mm, 50mm and 75-300mm
5. Test shots at different Apertures
6. Test shots at different ISO’s
7. Test shots with External Flash
8. White Balance review of Auto vs Custom vs Settings
9. Continuous shoot speed
10. Shooting in low light test shots
11. Perfect to use for….
12. Thing I loved most
13. Thing I missed

As you can see this is taking the review from compare to a subjective analysis. I’m thinking that one day I’ll do the comparison and the next I’ll give the subjective. What do you think? Anything else you’d like to see?

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