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I don’t have loads of free time so when I get lost it’s a problem.  I was lost in Flickr today.  For hours.  Our Beyond Megapixels group grew to more then 40 people in the past week and I’ve been inspired over and over again by all of your incredible images of Leading Lines. 


Have you joined our group?  You should.  This picture by Mike really grabbed me.  At first I thought it was water, but Mike clarified that it’s actually a single rail for a tram or train of some kind.   Incredible shot Mike.  I was inspired as I’m sure a few others were.  The depth of field in combination with the reflection really take my mind to the end of this leading line.   Did you know that in Flickr you can tell more about the photos properties?  On the right hand side there you’ll see which camera body the photo was taken with and then a link to More Properties.  

When I see a photo that I really like I always check out the properties to learn more about how the photographer shot that picture.  The ISO on this photo was set at 1600 and with indirect sunlight I was surprised at this high of an ISO but clearly it works.  More proof that you need to play around to see what works.  

Because Mike’s reflection was what initially pulled me into this shot it will be our challenge this week.  #41 from the “you’re so crazy to have a list” list is:  Reflection.  


A reflection by definition is mirror image: a likeness in which left and right are reversed.  This can happen in water, mirrors or really any object like in the rail above.  I’m going to dive in to what makes a photo with a reflection great and when a reflection is a disruption in the photo this week.  But for now I ask you to share your photos of Reflection on our Flickr Group page.  

 CassJustCurious 2009-01-18

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