Inspiration Board Tuesday: K.C. Bailey

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Trish over at The Fur Girls tipped me off to K.C. Bailey and her work with animals.  INCREDIBLE.  I owe Trish a huge Thank You because not only is this photographer amazing but her presentation of her work is inspiring and her motivation is just good for the soul.  

She features a few of her projects on her website and they are incredibly cool.  Her rescue dog project was so sweet in the way she photographed each of the dogs and then made a diorama reflecting their personality.  What a thoughtful idea not just for a pet lover but for any photo.  I went on a trip to NYC with a good friend of mine in college, this is when I just dreamed of living there – I have a great photo of us and then all of this stuff (nuts for nuts bags, metro north ticket, Aida Playbill) I’m going to be making a diorama because all of those memories are currently residing in a plastic tote bin in my basement.  

K.C. has another project called SCREAM and she captured her subjects mid-scream and then pre or post scream.  LOVE it.  What a fantastic way to get a genuine moment out of someone.  Great inspiration.

Care to share some inspiration with me?

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