Inspiration Tuesday: Her Space My Space His Space

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A few months ago I ran across this blog and the photography always inspires me it’s called Her Space My Space His Space:


Here’s the premise of their blog:

Anyone can play along with HSMSHS. Simply check the word of the day, make a photo to match the word and post a link to your pic in the comments. You can check the links from others for more inspiration or simply visit other people’s links to find out what photos everyone else have made. Please be polite and leave a word of encouragement on any blogs you visit. Play when you have time & when you feel like it… and when you’re busy don’t! We’ll still be here when you have a little more time on your hands again! Feel free to copy our blinkie into your blog or signature lines.

This photo from their Show Off Sunday post is incredible.  I love the perspective of looking up at the trees and I really love the challenge that this site presents.  For me it does three things – it makes me look at shots differently and it helps me compose the shot to generate a feeling and an essence, it takes me back into my photo archives to see if I’ve taken a shot with that word in mind and lastly it exposes me to other photographers.  It’s one to add to your reader.  

Does everyone out there use a feedreader?  Would you like a video tutorial of how to set one up?  Let me know in the comments.  What’s inspiring YOU this week?

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