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I’ve been bit by the equipment bug there is no doubt about it but a comment from a fantastic reader (and a great commenter) got me thinking about something more important then equipment.  A photographer to me is anyone with a perspective and a lens.  That lens can be on a Pentax, Samsung, Nikon, Canon or on a Kodak camera.  While equipment can help, it doesn’t make a well composed shot.  I created a little photo challenge for myself – I have a list of photography styles, composition, lighting options, settings, subjects and focus areas in an excel spreadsheet.  When I am taking my camera out for a shoot of the informal variety I will use a little random number generator to pick a challenge for myself.  Yesterday I selected Leading Lines (#83).

Leading Lines are  lines in an image that direct your vantage point to the end (or beginning) of the line.  Leading Lines are everywhere and once you start to look for them you will literally find a Leading Line down every yellow brick road.  Here are a few examples from my Leading Lines fun – I was also playing around with Aperture so you’ll notice some pretty serious Depth of Field:

CassJustCurious 2009-01-19

CassJustCurious 2009-01-19

This leads me to a new topic our Flickr Group.  We created a Flickr Group for everyone and anyone to upload pictures to.  So today I challenge you to upload a shot that you’ve taken in the past and a new photo that you take in the next few days with Leading Lines.  What are your favorite executions of Leading Lines in photos?

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