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Photo Challenges and Flickr

After my last post about Leading Lines I received a lot of e-mails about my list of photo challenges and about our Flickr Group so lets answer some questions: 1. How many items are on your list?  It grows every single day and I have 243 items on the list now.  It started out with […]

Sell Back Your Books: Advert

Done with all your classes for the semester but not sure what to do with those textbooks you don’t want to lug home. No more wasting gas money to go back to school to sell the books back to the people that come at the end of the semesters. Now there is a website that […]

Leading Lines

I’ve been bit by the equipment bug there is no doubt about it but a comment from a fantastic reader (and a great commenter) got me thinking about something more important then equipment.  A photographer to me is anyone with a perspective and a lens.  That lens can be on a Pentax, Samsung, Nikon, Canon […]

Camera Bag Review

When I first purchased my Digital SLR I bought the Nikon Digital & Film SLR System Case Gadget Bag for D300, D200, D100, D80, D70s, D70, D50, D40x, D40, N55, N65, N75, N80, N90s & F100 because it fit everything that I purchased: The Camera Body, the two lenses, the extra battery, cleaning kit and SD […]

Reflectors Revisited

Way back in September Jeff had gone over the benefits and uses of Reflectors and while I’d been thinking about purchasing them for a while I was hemming and hawing about which size I needed and if I would actually use the reflectors as intended.  I bit the bullet last week though and I ended up […]

Inspiration Tuesday: Her Space My Space His Space

A few months ago I ran across this blog and the photography always inspires me it’s called Her Space My Space His Space: Here’s the premise of their blog: Anyone can play along with HSMSHS. Simply check the word of the day, make a photo to match the word and post a link to your […]

Cute Kid Contest – Advert

          Think you have one of the cutest kids around. Then you should look into the Cute Kid Contest. They take photos of kids from all across America and then vote on them. There are benefits for your child if your child is the winner of the contest. It is also […]

Frontier Label – Advert

Does your business need labels to apply to products? Want to find the easiest process for applying the label? Then why not look into labels that are stickers. This type of label can be stuck right onto your product and makes it quick and easy for either human or machine to apply. A leading company […]

Bottle Cap Tripod – Advert

  There is always that person on your present buying list that has everything. So you have to go hunting everywhere for that unique gift that you are sure they don’t have yet. Well the Bottle Cap Tripod is surely a unique gift to buy for that person that has everything. This tripod can be […]

Photographers in the News: Kermit Hayes

How bad do you want it?  I think that really sums up this article for me.  It’s about photographer Kermit Hayes.  Hayes has been through a lot for his photography, suffered setbacks along with a host of other road blocks that would stop some people in their tracks.  It’s the fourth week of this new […]