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After my last post about Leading Lines I received a lot of e-mails about my list of photo challenges and about our Flickr Group so lets answer some questions:

1. How many items are on your list?  It grows every single day and I have 243 items on the list now.  It started out with just seeing great shots and saying “I’d like to shoot something like that one day.”  I was committed to making sure that “one day” actually happened so I made a list.  Now when I find myself without my camera and I see a moment or a view that I wish I could capture I add it to the list.  I also add technicques or photo elements that I want to capture.  It’s a long list.

2. Do you list everything?  Yes.  Yes, I do.  Be thankful for this because otherwise I’d be the person in front of you at the grocery store slowing you down. 

3. Will I share my list with you?  Yes, that is something I’d love to do.  But I’m not going to just e-mail out this list.  I think it would be overwhelming and not very fun for me!  Instead I’m going to pick out items from the list randomly and challenge you to post your photos to our Flickr Group.  

4. Why should you post to the Flickr Group?  I understand incentives so we will be offering some.  More details on this to come (if you have something that you’d like to offer as a prize feel free to e-mail me at cassjustcurious at gmail dot com).  

5. Do I have to have a Flickr Account?  Yes, you do but you don’t need a Flickr Pro Account – just the regular free account will work.

6. Where do you list?  One word: Moleskine

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