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Another Monday is upon us, it’s the second in 2009 and with it business owners are struggling with these hard economic times.  Photographers are no different of course and I ran across this article about photographer Paul Tumason and his search for a new studio after a steep rent increase.  While that’s what the story was about this bit really caught my attention: Tumason is noted for incorporating a subjects favorite objects in his work and here’s my favorite little bit from the article:

He explains it saying his portraits are “about them, not just what they look like, but a story about the subject. That’s the goal of all my work.”

I’m going to let you in on my dream: to be a photographer, for people to chose me to capture their memories.  For those photographers out there I wonder how important actual studio space is?  What is your preferred place to shoot?  Outdoors, in a studio or in your subjects environment?  Do you encourage your subjects to bring their favorite things?

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