Photographers in the News: A passion revisited

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I’m starting to really love these posts about Photographers in the News, I’ve read some really interesting pieces because of this weekly bit and this weeks reminded me that starting again is always an option and being a new year, I thought it was poignant.  It’s about a retired professor Alan Rubin.  He had a career, a family, obligations and a life and with retirement he picked up a passion that had faded to the background since his youth.  

Mr. Rubin not only picked up the camera again he pushed himself to learn.  This really appealed to me. The last line of the piece was my favorite:

His story as an artist is one of rediscovery and adaptation, and one suggesting that it’s never too late to pursue a dream, to learn and to grow.

The beginning of that sentence, “His story as an artist” just grabs me.  An artist.  Do you consider yourself a photographer, an artist or someone with a camera?

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  • Jo

    It takes somewhat of an artistic eye to capture beautiful photos. I consider myself to be a photographer first, but yes, also an artist.