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I’m in the market for a Digital SLR, what should I buy?  

THAT is the #1 most frequently asked question these days.  Everyone wants to know.  WHAT SHOULD I BUY?  No really, what should I buy.  Don’t hold back.  Just tell me. TELL ME.  Here’s the thing about getting started with Digital Photography you only get to start buying once.  Unless you have a disposable income that makes you an heir to Buffet (which FYI you’re not getting much, start learning to budget) you need to consider this investment.  

The big question tends to be Canon or Nikon.  

Here’s what I know for sure.  If your first Digital SLR is a Nikon and you buy lenses for a Nikon then you’re likely going to be buying Nikon Camera bodies and Nikon lenses for life or until you become Independently Wealthy.  Many people (like me) have a hard time rationalizing the loss of lenses that I would incur if I were to switch to Canon.  I have friends that have Canon’s.  They love em.  They preach about them every Friday and Saturday and I have to admire their resolve but the fact of the matter is I have three Nikon lenses that I love and the idea of parting ways with them is just too much for me (and my American Express) to bear.  

So how do I know if I should buy a Canon or a Nikon.  Are you a righty?  Then buy a Nikon.  Just Kidding.  I could feel the heat of the evil eyes from those Canon lovers.  Here’s what I wish I had done (not saying that it would have changed the outcome though):

RENT THE CAMERA.  I started hearing about this place out in Colorado.  Pro Photo Rental.  People were raving about them.  So professional. Speedy shipping.  Lots of bodies and lenses in stock.  Great turn around times.  Competitive prices. Excellent condition.  So I zipped them a little e-mail that said: People are talking about you and I want to know if it’s true.  Are you really all that and a bag of chips?

They are.  So if you’re in the consideration phase of your Digital SLR purchase head on over there and let them know that Cass sent you and rent a Canon (they have the new EOS 5D Mk II Body) and a Nikon (they have the new D90 Body for $15.00 a DAY! so try it for three days and give it a test drive).  What lens do you want to rent with?  If you’re looking at the Nikon I recommend checking out this lens:  Nikkor 85 f/1.4D  the aperture here is nice and low and it will give you a good feel for how this body can drive.  I did ask my Crazy for Canon friend and she recommended this lens for your test drive:  EF 50 f/1.2L

As for me, I’m looking for my second camera body and I’m deciding between the D300 Body and the D700 Body so in the coming weeks you’ll be getting my distrubingly thorough evaluation process of my current camera (Nikon D40x) and these 2 new bodies.   Any recommendations for me?  Anyone want to share some reasons for me to check out the Canons?  Questions?

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