An Easier Way To Keeping Your Eyes Open

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Do you shoot with your right eye? Do you keep the other eye closed?

CC Photo by Hamed Saber

We published an article last November 2007 that discusses the benefits of keeping both eyes open while looking through a viewfinder. If you’re like most photographers then you probably use your right eye to look through the viewfinder and close your left eye.

CC Photo by tuergeist

Since then, we have had some comments and emails stating how difficult it was for them to properly frame a shot when they do this. If you’ve been shooting for a long time then squinting is a really hard habit to break but it does get easier with time.

Keeping both your eyes open, however, is not always possible specially if it’s really sunny or you’re shooting really close to your subject. One technique I learned from watching other professional photographers is to switch your viewing eye. Instead of using your right eye, try looking through the viewfinder using your left eye.

CC Photo by Robert Scoble

This is much easier to do since your right eye will not be distracted since it will be covered by the camera body. Of course doing this will not give you the benefits we listed on our previous article but you will still be saving your eyes from undue stress.

Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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