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As mentioned earlier I am reviewing the BetterPhoto book series and I started off with the first book The Betterphoto Guide to Digital Photography.  Overall I would say that this book was a good read and at under $17.00 it’s a great introductory look into Digital Photography.  

The book is full of glossy photographs which helps me get through any book.  The descriptions of the settings and functions on your standard SLR are technically sound and Miotke (the author) provides great metaphors to help understand the mechanics behind how the camera works.

The tips provided in the book would be helpful for someone going from a Point & Shoot camera to an SLR for the first time but you’ll need to read it with your camera manual as he doesn’t get into the specifics of how to modify your settings.  Overall I really enjoyed the book and thought the information was ready for consumption for a newbie photographer.  A weakness of the book (again, this is just my opinion) is the step-by-step lessons.  It’s noted as the first bullet on the cover of the book so I had great expectations of challenges and engaging lessons and I didn’t find that in this book.  I’m hopeful that the next two books in the series get into more of that as they are more specialized.

In short if you’re brand new to this wonderful world of digital photography and you want to learn what it means to take your camera out of the AUTO mode this would be a great book for you.  If you’re already shooting outside of AUTO and you have a basic understanding of the different settings and functions of your camera than I would say save yourself for another upcoming book review.  

As promised I’ll be giving this book (very gently read) away to one of our readers.  Please leave a comment on this post if you’d like to win it.  The winner will be announced on Monday – and for those of you that commented on the first post where I gave a “freebie” copy of this book away, you’ll get two entries.

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  • Francine Laroche

    Well! As a newbie myself I find that this book seems to be very interresting. the methaphor in this book would surely helph me understand better the mechanics behind how the camera works, as you say. Also to learn to take photos manually. Well thank you very much Cass for all your +++ interesting reviews on photography. I find them very useful. Please don't mind my bad english.