Book Review: Digital SLR Handbook

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This weekend I went to the library and I was checking out the photography books and I picked up this book by John Freeman called Digital SLR Handbook.  This book is under $14 and I have to tell you that this was the single best photography book I have read to date.

John, you should be paying me to promote this book because I have told EVERY SINGLE person I have interacted with in the last 2 days about this book.  Here’s what I really appreciated about the book:

 - The photography was GREAT.  Not just a good picture here and there it was really GREAT photography.
 - The explanations were thorough but not disgustingly complicated.
 - The recommendations for equipment, settings and composition were thoughtful and he provided the proof points behind his recommendations.  
 - In each of the really great photographs that he highlights he goes into the composition of the shot as well as the settings.  I really enjoyed this because even if you don’t have a crazy expensive camera system you could take these lessons and apply them to your point & shoot camera.

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