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Valentines Day is 8 days away.  Is it a commercial holiday?  Yes.  Does everyone want flowers and chocolate?  No.  Here is my official Valentines Day guide for a person you love that also loves Photography.  

This is a decorative camera strap by Cotton Candy available on it is reversible and, I think you’ll agree,  VERY fun.  I can practically here Doug, Tim and Magnus cringe – thanks for being awesome commenters guys – I love to hear your two cents on subjects.  Clearly, this particular item isn’t going on your list.  


I’m currently into Scrapbooking for Lexi’s baby book and I’ve been doing a lot in photoshop and having the pages printed all put together.  I’m not so good with glue, so this is working out incredibly well for me.  Here’s a kit that I’ve had my eye on – interesting looking background patterns and “stickers” to put on your eScrapbook.
Simple Scrapbook Boutique

I have my eye on this book How to Read a Photograph: Lessons from Master Photographers.  I’ve heard incredible things about this book and the photographers featured within it.  


Another book that I’ve had on my wish list is Best Business Practices for Photographers.  Being a professional photographer is a goal of mine, while I do some shoots and have sold some of my pieces I’m not a “professional” in my own mind.  I’m thinking that this book would help me flush out my ideas on what it would take from a business and management perspective to go to this next level.

Gorillapod Flexible Tripod is another little piece of equipment that I’d like to have in my bag of tricks.  I can see pulling this out at a restaurant so that I can be in a shot of Lexi getting a brownie with a candle on top.  

Upgrade to a FlickrPRO account it’s just $24.95 a year and it provides yet another backup for your files.

And now for some ideas that do not involve actual dollars:

If you are a photographer…

provide a homemade gift certificate for a half a day that you’d like to follow that person around and capture them doing their favorite things on film.  Be the paparazzi.  

offer to create new thumbnail picture for the recipients online persona.  I think most people have a picture up from 1999 and if you could do something creative and flattering then it’s a gift that they’ll treasure.

If you are giving to a photographer….

offer to be a model for a couple of hours with absolute patience.  One of the most difficult things to do for a photographer is to try to learn new techniques, experiment with different perspectives and settings in a situation that is pressed for time.  Giving the gift of your time would be incredibly generous.

make a special day trip to a garden, or a park, or just outside for a picnic and organize some great photo opportunities.  Then after the day spend 30 minutes checking out all the shots.

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