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The winner of the $70 gift certificate from fotoflōt is Johan.  Congratulations and let us know how much you enjoy your fotoflōt prize.  A few questions came in since the post and I thought I should address them here.

Question the First:  Do you like how they look in your home?
Answer the First: I would love them, I’m sure.  Unfortunately, my husband saw them and claimed them alla screaming “DIBS” and promptly took them off the table where I had been admiring them and placed them in his car so they could go “live in his office – you know, where they belong”.  

Question the Second: Will you buy these again?
Answer the Second: A resounding Yes.  I’m also showing the two samples I was sent around to some offices that have been talking about buying prints.   

Question the Third: Can you interchange desk mount for wall mount?
Answer the Third: Not all sizes have desk stands, but all that do have the desk stand option can also be displayed on the wall with a wall bracket. Sizes that have the desk stand option are listed on, under Sizes & Prices. 

Question the Fourth: Can you buy a desk mount AND a wall mount?  
Answer the Fourth: You can.  You’ll need to make a note on your order that you’re interested in this and they will give you a price quote.  I think this is an excellent idea.  On my future orders I plan on buying a desk mount and a wall mount (when I can) for each photo that way I can move them all around.  I’ll be like Meg Ryan carrying around the daisy’s from room to room in You’ve Got Mail.

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