Inspiration Board Tuesday: #3 the Signs of Spring

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This weeks photo challenge is #3 on my massively long list of photo challenges.  Shooting the Signs of Spring.  Am I living in a dream world where Spring happens in NY at the end of February?  Yes.  I am.  Happily, thank you very much.  But spring is happening some places in the US right now.  Glorious, beautiful, fresh green grass, buds on trees, green specs poking through fresh dark earth, SPRING.  

This weeks inspiration started here at Superhero Journal this shot by Andrea is just great.  The depth of field, the focus on the blossom, it’s a great shot.  

So head on over to our Flickr Group and share your Signs of Spring – I challenge you to not only look through your shots from previous springs but to go shoot something today that shows that eventually spring will come…even if it’s another month away on your calendar.  

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