Inspiration Board Tuesday – The Look of Love

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It was Valentines Day last week and I’ve been seeing all kinds of pictures that have me thinking about “the look of love”.  Capturing Love is number #32 on my list.  Here are some shots that capture that look of love to me.  And at the end I have a little assignment.

I think I love this shot by Ray (aka DownTown Pictures) because you can tell there is a lot of love shared between photographer and the subject.  That and the bokeh – I love a good bokeh shot.  It just has a look of love to me.
Merry Christmas

And this shot by Nikita says love to me too – I think about people that have sat there, did they have love, were they in love, were they holding hands?  Empty benches are spaces for love to me.  Great shot Nikita.

Quebec 2006 029

And this is my personal contribution to the look of love.  This was one of the first shots that I took of Lexi and my husband Ross.  I looked at it for this post and I couldn’t bear the pull on my heart.  That’s what a look of love will do to you.

 Look of Love

Assignment – Capture love in a photograph today and post it to our Flickr Group, or find Love in a photograph you’ve already taken it or give me your best tip for capturing the look of love in your photography.

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