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Do you love to travel and always take loads of pictures while traveling? Then there is an amazing new site that you should check out. It is called MyGreatWorld and it is a new startup site for just those people who love to travel with their digital cameras. After first seeing the site, it looks like just another photo community, but there is much more to be offered on this website. The site allows you to create a new spot, or entry, for a town or city that isn’t already listed on the website. You can also upload and categorize your photos, this allows you to describe and even recommend places to other users. There is a place where you can suggest external links so that people can find out more information.

Many people will think that this is a site that was developed to compete with Flickr, but the goal of this site is completely different. MyGreatWorld was developed to make resources become visual, categorized and as a well structured database of locations, rather than just a place to store your images. There are still great things coming for this site. One up and coming feature will be available shortly, in that you will be able to create your own MyGreatWorld blog for free. This will make it one of the best and most informative blogs about a city or place because it will be from people who actually live in that area. This feature is supposed to be coming in February 2009. But right now the site is one that is neatly designed and has been indexed by Google. So if you are interesting in adding your pictures to the sight, check it out.

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